Who to Watch at NANPC Boston

NANPC Boston is shaping up to be the largest NANPC event of the season so far! This weekend players will compete at Battleground Games & Hobbies to earn NANPC circuit points and fight for first!

Who to Watch at NANPC Boston Featured Image

NANPC Boston will be the first major event to use the new Standard Ban List. Competitors have been practicing and testing with the new ban list, so expect to see new decks hit the competitive scene! We’re spotlighting three players attending NANPC Boston that you should keep an eye on:

Dee “DeeR” Ruttenberg

From: Princeton, United States
Notable Finishes: 6th at Worlds 2023, 14th at Worlds 2021, 2nd at East Coast Championships 2023, 6th at EMEA Continentals

Over the last two years, Dee has proven themselves as one of the fiercest competitors to emerge from the east coast Netrunner scene. Dee has played a variety of archetypes at the top level of Netrunner play, including Keeling Aginfusion, Big Hoshiko, NEH Kill and World Tree Wu. Known for their precise style of play and ability to play a variety of decks, you never know what to expect from Dee. Will they innovate on the meta and play something unexpected, or dominate the field with an old favorite?

Andrew “CTZ” Cortez

From: San Francisco, United States
Notable Finishes: 3rd at Cascadia 2023, 4th at American Continentals 2020, 1st at Various Store Championships.

Ctz is a pillar of the netrunner community. They cut their teeth on the competitive San Francisco meta, before breaking out onto the national scene as a serious contender. While Ctz has contributed to the community by co-running the SanSanfrancisco stream and co-designing the Roseville cycle, they are also a strong competitor. While Ctz may appear to play loose and have a carefree attitude, he hides a killer instinct and a sharp mind that can unravel complex boardstates. Ctz has seen success on Reg Crim and forms of Rush decks in the past. With the new ban list, will we see Ctz crack the top 8 with Reg Crim?

Holly “Onholiday” Hilliard

From: Boston, United States
Notable Placements: First at various Boston Circuit Openers

A Boston native, Holly is relatively new to Netrunner. In her time with the game she has made her mark on the Boston scene, winning most of the Circuit Openers in the Boston area. Holly is known for their strong command of Reg Hosh, being able to set up fast and dominate corp boardstates. Holly has also been known to be an enjoyer of Personal Evolution in various forms. With the new ban list, will we see Holly crush the field with Reg Hosh, or give a new runner a try?

With NANPC Boston fast approaching, anyone could take the top spot. Be sure to tune in to Neon Static who will be livestreaming the entire tournament from May 25th to 26th!