Welcome to NANPC Vancouver!

Here’s some quick facts on this exciting upcoming event:

When: March 23rd, 2024, Registration at 10:30 AM, Round One start at 11:00 AM

Where: Bonsor Recreation Center, 6550 Bonsor Ave, Burnaby, British Columbia, V5H 3G4 

Tickets are 35$ CAD, and may be purchased online

Details on Always Be Running

Welcome to NANPC Vancouver! Featured Image

We’re excited to host the first NANPC event in Vancouver! Come up to Canada and play against some of the best players the Pacific NorthWest has to offer, as attendees compete for prizes and circuit points!

Prizing will include the NANPC Fermenter Alt Art as well as NANPC acrylic dice. A H2 CO kit will be used to supplement prizing. Some additional prizing will be announced on the day.

As of publication, spoiler season for Rebellion Without Rehearsal the new Netrunner set will begin in March. We expect a release date for RwR will be announced shortly after spoiler season begins. If this release date is Before March 23rd, RwR will be legal at NANPC Vancouver.

We are currently in discussions with distributors to secure paper copies for March 23rd. If we are unable to do so, printed proxies will be legal. We will update attendees with more information as we get closer to the event.

We’d also like to announce a special alt art that will be given out at NANPC Vancouver and other west coast NANPC events!

This Hyperloop Extension will be given out at NANPC Vancouver, drawn by Vancouver’s very own Alec Morrison!

We hope to see you in Vancouver on March 23rd!