NANPC Toronto Recap

Shaper claimed the top spots, with the top 3 finishers in the cut playing shaper. On the corp side we saw a variety of Weyland, HB and Jinteki decks with no NBN. Notably, two A Taia made the cut!

NANPC Toronto Recap Featured Image

Congratulations to Terence Chiu L Lui for winning NANPC Toronto!

Terence took the win with favorite IDs Ob and Arisanna! We reached out to Terence for his thoughts on the event and the decks he brought.

Congratulations on winning NANPC Toronto! You brought Ob and Arissana to this event, why those decks?

I brought arisanna and ob because I haven’t really been practicing as much as I should, and those were the decks I was most familiar with. though, I did make some additional changes because I heard asset spam could be an issue.

Did you have any memorable games or moments on the day?

Both of the Ob games I played in the cut. The runners, digging for… something, I’m not certain, chose to discard or use their recursion or their second copy of their Cleaver while I had an SDS and Holo-man in the remote.

Should we expect you at any NANPC events in the future?

I’m not planning on doing any travel for netrunner this year, but perhaps next year.

Anyone you want to shout out?

Shout out to Zeebag for running the event, and Maggie.

The NANPC continues its route east as the circuit arrives in Boston! Competition looks to be fierce as NANPC Boston is shaping up to be the largest NANPC event yet! Keep your eyes on the site as more info is announced, and come play in NANPC Boston on May 25th and 26th!

The NANPC would like to give a deep thank you to Zeebag for organizing and running NANPC Toronto. The circuit points leaderboard has been updated with new points!

Below you can look at some pictures from the event!