NANPC Boston Recap

NANPC Boston had 40 players attend from across the country! Players battled it out across the weekend, ending in a grand final between Charlie Mcbride and Eric Keilback, with Eric taking the event! Final standings and decklists can be found on Always Be Running

NANPC Boston Recap Featured Image

Congratulations to Eric “Whiteblade111” for winning NANPC Boston!

Eric won on a pair of aggressive decks: A Fast Advance Sportsmetal list and a Zahya deck that used central pressure and multi access to rush down defending corporations. The finals was a confrontation between two west coast players, with Eric coming up from the losers bracket and winning twice to cinch the tournament, including a nail biter game versus Charlie’s Thule!

Congratulations on your win at NANPC Boston!  You chose to bring Sportsmetal And Zahya to the event, why those decks?

My testing team (Snarebears) had worked on the Sportsmetal internally and was happy with it. I didn’t have a lot of time to practice but I love the archetype. I also expected a lot of value oriented Hoshiko decks in the field, so an aggressive orthogonal corp seemed like the right decision. I was supposed to play Hoshiko runner side but pivoted to Zahya at the last minute. Zahya is my favorite deck in the game, and if I think it’s even remotely reasonable to play her, I will.

How did you prepare for the event?

I was graduating law school the week before I left for NANPC Boston so I didn’t have a lot of time to practice. I jammed a lot of Jnet before the event and just totally faceplanted online. I had to trust my team had cooked up a sick corp deck and I could remember how to run. I played some last minute games in paper against tf34 at 2am the night before the event in which tf34 wrecked my Hoshiko with PD, so I swapped to Zahya.

Did you have any memorable games or moments on the day?

It was so lovely to see everyone at the event. The atmosphere was incredible and it was nice to just hang out with my friends. My games against the “Barf Thule” over the day were interesting and playing against Charlie in the finals was great. I have a lot of respect for Charlie as a player, and it really felt like we got to play some high level netrunner against each other. Playing against my friend Chris in the semi finals was also a treat. He’s a really great guy, and it was fun playing a high stakes game that was also friendly and fun.

Should we expect you at any NANPC events in the future?

I’ll be running Cascadia on August 3rd to 4th, so come attend! As for playing, I think my year might be done. You’ll probably be able to spot me at some local west coast stuff, but this was my big travel event for the year. It was nice to cap it off with a win!

Anyone you want to shout out?

I want to thank Notagain for organizing the event, Andrej, Eric and Cado for running the stream, Ysengrin for judging, and everyone for attending and playing the event. It was an awesome day of Netrunner, and I’m very proud that the community made it happen. I’d also like to thank the Snarebears for the hard carry on the corp side, while entertaining my delusions that “Zahya is totally viable trust me guys”

July looks to be a packed month for NANPC events, with NANPC Philadelphia running from the 13th to the 14th of July, and NANPC San Francisco running the week after on July 20th! Circuit points have also been updated. Keep your eyes peeled as we reveal our end of year prizing for the top 8 finishers on the NANPC Leaderboard!

Check out photos from the event below! A big thanks to Izzy Miller, Dan Bouchard and Andrej for taking photos on the day!