The NANPC journeys to the midwest as one of the most iconic North American Netrunner events takes place this weekend: Off The Grid! Hosted at the Gamezenter in Roseville, Minnesota, Off The Grid is one of the longest running fan tournaments in North America. This year Off The Grid is hosting a National Championship, so stay tuned as players compete for the title!

Prizing will include the standard NANPC alt art Fermenter and Dice, as well as the NSG prizing from the 2024 Nationals Kit.

Interested in more coverage of Off The Grid? Watch a series of a community spotlight videos put together by Joshua Swaner, celebrating the community members that make Off The Grid great: Check out the videos here!

NANPC Boston will be the first major event to use the new Standard Ban List. Competitors have been practicing and testing with the new ban list, so expect to see new decks hit the competitive scene! We’re spotlighting three players attending NANPC Boston that you should keep an eye on:

Dee “DeeR” Ruttenberg

From: Princeton, United States
Notable Finishes: 6th at Worlds 2023, 14th at Worlds 2021, 2nd at East Coast Championships 2023, 6th at EMEA Continentals

Over the last two years, Dee has proven themselves as one of the fiercest competitors to emerge from the east coast Netrunner scene. Dee has played a variety of archetypes at the top level of Netrunner play, including Keeling Aginfusion, Big Hoshiko, NEH Kill and World Tree Wu. Known for their precise style of play and ability to play a variety of decks, you never know what to expect from Dee. Will they innovate on the meta and play something unexpected, or dominate the field with an old favorite?

Andrew “CTZ” Cortez

From: San Francisco, United States
Notable Finishes: 3rd at Cascadia 2023, 4th at American Continentals 2020, 1st at Various Store Championships.

Ctz is a pillar of the netrunner community. They cut their teeth on the competitive San Francisco meta, before breaking out onto the national scene as a serious contender. While Ctz has contributed to the community by co-running the SanSanfrancisco stream and co-designing the Roseville cycle, they are also a strong competitor. While Ctz may appear to play loose and have a carefree attitude, he hides a killer instinct and a sharp mind that can unravel complex boardstates. Ctz has seen success on Reg Crim and forms of Rush decks in the past. With the new ban list, will we see Ctz crack the top 8 with Reg Crim?

Holly “Onholiday” Hilliard

From: Boston, United States
Notable Placements: First at various Boston Circuit Openers

A Boston native, Holly is relatively new to Netrunner. In her time with the game she has made her mark on the Boston scene, winning most of the Circuit Openers in the Boston area. Holly is known for their strong command of Reg Hosh, being able to set up fast and dominate corp boardstates. Holly has also been known to be an enjoyer of Personal Evolution in various forms. With the new ban list, will we see Holly crush the field with Reg Hosh, or give a new runner a try?

With NANPC Boston fast approaching, anyone could take the top spot. Be sure to tune in to Neon Static who will be livestreaming the entire tournament from May 25th to 26th!

The NANPC continues east as players up and down the coast prepare to play in Boston! With players attending from all over the East Coast, NANPC Boston is shaping up to be the largest NANPC event so far this year. With so many vying for the top spot, who will be the champion of NANPC Boston?

Prizing will include a H1 CO kit, store credit to the top 8, special Boston themed top 4 click trackers and the standard NANPC prizing including the Fermenter Alt Art and NANPC Dice! Additional prizing for side events will be announced at a later date.

As of the publication of this article, NSG Organized Play has indicated that a new Standard Ban List will be implemented a week before NANPC Boston. The New Banlist will be LEGAL at NANPC Boston.

All eyes are on Boston as players gear up for one of the highlights of the tournament season!

Congratulations to Terence Chiu L Lui for winning NANPC Toronto!

Terence took the win with favorite IDs Ob and Arisanna! We reached out to Terence for his thoughts on the event and the decks he brought.

Congratulations on winning NANPC Toronto! You brought Ob and Arissana to this event, why those decks?

I brought arisanna and ob because I haven’t really been practicing as much as I should, and those were the decks I was most familiar with. though, I did make some additional changes because I heard asset spam could be an issue.

Did you have any memorable games or moments on the day?

Both of the Ob games I played in the cut. The runners, digging for… something, I’m not certain, chose to discard or use their recursion or their second copy of their Cleaver while I had an SDS and Holo-man in the remote.

Should we expect you at any NANPC events in the future?

I’m not planning on doing any travel for netrunner this year, but perhaps next year.

Anyone you want to shout out?

Shout out to Zeebag for running the event, and Maggie.

The NANPC continues its route east as the circuit arrives in Boston! Competition looks to be fierce as NANPC Boston is shaping up to be the largest NANPC event yet! Keep your eyes on the site as more info is announced, and come play in NANPC Boston on May 25th and 26th!

The NANPC would like to give a deep thank you to Zeebag for organizing and running NANPC Toronto. The circuit points leaderboard has been updated with new points!

Below you can look at some pictures from the event!

A big congratulations to Abraham “Maninthemoon” Mcbride for winning NANPC Vancouver!

Abraham made great use of Holo Man in R+ to crush games on the day, while decks like Kit and the return of Aginfusion glacier also graced the top 8. The finals came down to a bout between Abraham and Jason Ford, with Abraham’s Loup deck mulching up Asa’s servers and pressuring down the corporation for a clean win!

We had the opportunity to catch up with Abraham after his first place finish, to get his thoughts on the event and the decks he brought:

Congratulations on your win at NANPC Vancouver! You chose to bring R+ And Loup to the event, why those decks?

I felt like Boomer Loup was the strongest deck in the meta before the new set was released. I didn’t have a lot of time to create something “new” and I felt really comfortable with that deck. In a very fresh meta the mulch shell is very flexible and the tools can be applied well to a wide variety of matchups. On the corp side I wanted to bring something new. This R+ deck is very similar to a deck I almost took to worlds 2023, but I never ended up publishing. Hollowman was just enough to push the deck over the edge and make it quite good. It can be very powerful anytime you can bring a deck that you are comfortable with, but people haven’t yet gotten the chance to practice against it.

How did you prepare for the event?

I didn’t have much time to prepare for the event directly, but I was able to take decks that I had a significant number of games on. I made sure to follow the spoiler session so I had an idea of what I might see across the table.

Did you have any memorable games or moments on the day?

One of the two games I lost was to an 8 point Trick Shot. That was probably the highlight of the day. I was playing Cat (Kysra) and the first run they made in the game was a Trick Shot that ended up stealing 2x Bellonas and a Beale

Should we expect you at any NANPC events in the future?

Yes, I will be attending the Seattle NANPC event for sure and I’m looking into possible travel arrangements for San Francisco.

Anyone you want to shout out?

Thanks to everyone on my testing Team Muntal Bost, Noah and Jalan for helping me polish the corp deck and to everyone who helped make the event happen it was a fantastic day of netrunner!!

With NANPC Toronto just around the corner, all eyes will be on the east as the next circuit event takes place! Players at NANPC Vancouver also earned our first batch of circuit points, tracked on the leaderboard page. Keep an eye on the leaderboard as the tournament season unfolds!

Lastly, the NANPC would like to give a deep thank you to the tournament staff who made NANPC Vancouver possible. Thank you to Keith and Justin for judging the event, and Joe and Alec for organizing and running the event on the day. The NANPC wouldn’t be possible without you!

Below you can take a look at some pictures taken of the tournament!

Turn your eyes to the east, as Toronto hosts the next NANPC circuit event! Competitors are preparing to descend upon Toronto to compete to become the next champion of an NANPC event!

Prizing will include an H1 Circuit Opener Kit, NANPC Fermenter Alt Art and NANPC Acrylic Dice. Additional prizing for side events (run on demand) will be announced at the event.

Ticket sales close on April 13th with a maximum capacity of 34 players, so be sure to snap up your ticket soon!

We also have some updates on future NANPC events throughout the year:

NANPC Philadelphia will run from the 13th to the 14th of July, at iconic Red Cap’s!

NANPC Seattle will run from the 3rd to the 4th of August, at Mox Bellevue. We’re happy to announce that NANPC Seattle will be ran at Cascadia! A returning west coast favorite. We’re also proud to announce that Cascadia will also be hosting West Coast US Nationals. Stay tuned for more information!

NANPC Vancouver will be the first event of the year to use the new set from Null Signal Games, Rebellion Without Rehearsal! Players will try to outfox each other on the net as they try to use the new cards to gain a competitive edge!

Today we’re going to highlight four top contenders we think you should pay attention to at NANPC Vancouver:

William “Sokka234” Huang

From: Vancouver, British Columbia
Notable Finishes: World Champion 2022, World Champion 2023, Asia-Pacific Champion 2022, Canadian National Champion 2022, European Champion 2023

Undisputed number one in the world, William has racked up a dizzying array of tournament wins over the past two years. Playing a variety of decks, William looks poised to have a strong performance at NANPC Vancouver. Preferring to play slower, value oriented decks, the question is whether William will go with an old standby such as Precision Design, or experiment with the new cards to come up with a dominating deck. William’s membership in the testing team Unband could mean he ends up on a deck designed by his testing team! Either way, we’ll all be watching what William plays, and how he places.

Ian “Rongydoge” Moskowitz

From: Boston, Massachusetts
Notable Finishes: 1st at Cascadia 2023, 8th at World Championship 2023, 3rd at 2023 Circuit Breaker Invitational, 2nd at Intercontinental Championships 2023

Ian has proven himself to be one of America’s top Netrunner players, with a dominant year of Netrunner in 2023. After winning Cascadia in the summer, Ian would go on to get 2nd at Intercontinental Championships and end his year with an 8th place finish at worlds, ending up as the second highest placing American at worlds, behind fellow testing team member Dee. Ian is known for playing NBN Assets. The current Near Earth Hub combo archetype was built by him, and Ian played it with strong finishes last year. Criminal is another favorite of Ian, with him preferring Zahya and 419. The question is whether Ian will try to use the new cards to improve on his NEH Combo deck from last year, or will play something entirely else.

Charlie “Santa” McBride

From: Seattle, Washington
Notable Finishes: “Asia-Pacific Champion 2023, 5th at Cascadia, 5th at Intercontinental Championship 2023

A relative newcomer to Netrunner, Charlie has burst onto the Pacific-Northwest Netrunner scene. Known for his creative corp side deckbuilding and deliberate play, Charlie has racked up a series of impressive tournament placements. Winning APAC Continentals with an innovative Big Deal Outfit deck, Charlie would go to secure a top 8 placement at Cascadia later that month. Aggressive decks like Outfit have an edge in unknown metas, will Charlie fall back to Outfit or continue to experiment on corp side, even possibly playing Thule?

Dave “Ghostmeat” Laird

From: Victoria, British Columbia
Notable Finishes: 13th at World Championships 2020, 11th at World Championships 2021, West Coast American National Champion 2023, 1st at New Zealand Nationals 2020

Having played Netrunner for 8 years, Dave is a mainstay of the Canadian Netrunner scene. Dave has made the cut in a series of world championships, typically playing some brew of reg-anarch. Recently, Dave has swapped to playing Esa, taking xir to American Nationals in Los Angeles and securing a win! Dave is also fond of tempo NBN decks, and has had success on a tempo version of R+. For NANPC Vancouver, the question is whether Dave will end up on a safe reg anarch brew or try to burn down the corporation with Esa!

The competition at NANPC Vancouver is sure to be fierce, with even more top players lined up to compete on March 23rd. Players will race to see who can crack open this new meta first, as Rebellion Without Rehearsal hits the tables. Tune in on March 23rd at Rain City Netrunner to catch all the action, as runners fight to see who will win the first NANPC event of the year!

Tickets can be bought at:

More details on Always Be Running

We’re excited to host the first NANPC event in Vancouver! Come up to Canada and play against some of the best players the Pacific NorthWest has to offer, as attendees compete for prizes and circuit points!

Prizing will include the NANPC Fermenter Alt Art as well as NANPC acrylic dice. A H2 CO kit will be used to supplement prizing. Some additional prizing will be announced on the day.

As of publication, spoiler season for Rebellion Without Rehearsal the new Netrunner set will begin in March. We expect a release date for RwR will be announced shortly after spoiler season begins. If this release date is Before March 23rd, RwR will be legal at NANPC Vancouver.

We are currently in discussions with distributors to secure paper copies for March 23rd. If we are unable to do so, printed proxies will be legal. We will update attendees with more information as we get closer to the event.

We’d also like to announce a special alt art that will be given out at NANPC Vancouver and other west coast NANPC events!

This Hyperloop Extension will be given out at NANPC Vancouver, drawn by Vancouver’s very own Alec Morrison!

We hope to see you in Vancouver on March 23rd!